At Adelaide Dentalcare we are a family practice that takes pride in offering our dental services to patients of all ages.

Our range of services includes everything from preventative dentistry to cosmetic and restorative treatments. We believe that your smile should be as good as you want it to be throughout life.

Older patients often have additional factors that impact on the function and maintenance of their teeth.

Factors such as medication, mileage (not necessarily age), loss of dexterity, xerostomia (dry mouth), and the reduced ability of saliva to protect the teeth from decay can all lead to increased dental issues.

We try to minimize the effects of these factors by regular checkups, cleans, discussion about foods that cause decay and the use of fluoridated dental products. These products can be as simple as toothpastes or more specialised such as varnishes and gels to harden the teeth and inhibit dental decay/caries.

Senior Dentistry in Adelaide offers Dental Care Service for all ages.

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