If you have received a diagnosis of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea from your Respiratory Physician or GP you would have had a discussion about using a CPAP machine. Whilst the CPAP machine is the gold standard for treatment there are a number of patients who cannot tolerate or would prefer not to use a CPAP machine. To these patients we can offer a mandibular advancement splint (which pushes your lower jaw forward when worn) allowing the airway to open more which reduces the number of episodes where you stop breathing.

Similar devices are great to reduce snoring in many people but it is a requirement for you to have a sleep study first.

Sleep apnoea is a significant medical condition that can result in many issues due to lack of oxygen getting to the brain and other organs during sleep. It has negative impacts on memory, depression, motor skills, day time energy, cardiac disease immune compromise, headaches and even single vehicle motor accidents. Treating Sleep Apnoea reduces these issues and allows better quality of life.

DentalCare Treatment for OSA in Adelaide

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