Crowns or ‘caps’ are laboratory made, custom-fit restorations that are considerably stronger than regular filling materials.

Crowns are used to aesthetically repair a tooth that has been heavily broken down (through wear and tear, fractures or decay), heavily filled teeth. and needs to be protected. They may also used cosmetically should you wish to alter the colour, shape or position of a tooth or multiple teeth. Crowns may be made from several materials, including gold, porcelain with metal, or porcelain only . The material of choice nowadays is ceramic/porcelain which comes in a number of hardnesses and shades which allow us to best match existing teeth or completely change your smile to give it a nicer more uniform shape and colour.

Fabricating a crown requires two visits. Initially the tooth will be reshaped, a temporary crown made to protect the area and an impression taken and sent to the laboratory where it will be milled and fired. The next visit is to cement the crown in place.

Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices, meaning that they are not taken out each day. Like any dental material good cleaning and regular maintenance enhances their longevity.

Tooth Repair Crown & Bridges in Adelaide

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