Prevention of disease and minimal intervention is the way of modern dentistry. Whilst we like to see you, we prefer that it is only six monthly where possible. Ideally, prevention is better than having to actively treat dental problems.

We aim to keep your natural teeth healthy by identifying small cavities early utilising regular examinations and digital low dose x-rays. An example of this is fissure sealant or primary preventive restorations which seal deep crevices (fissures) which are likely to trap plaque and cause decay, it creates a surface that is self-cleansing. By spotting things early, you may not even need to be numb for the sealant or filling.

A Patiernt Getting Dental Care Advice in Adelaide

There is nothing that a dentist can do that can’t be undone by poor cleaning – adage from an old dentist (Brian Leach)

We always recommend

  1. Good tooth brushing with a fluoride tooth paste twice daily – other fluoride treatment may be recommended depending on the situation
  2. Six monthly checkups to check on gums and teeth
  3. Regular routine xrays – usually every 2-3 years to look for the start of decay between teeth or evidence of gum disease or infection
  4. Keep dietary sugars as low as possible to prevent decay/caries
  5. Stay hydrated
  6. If you have a concern ring and make an appointment so we can check it out

Cleaning or dental hygiene is such an important issue

Tooth brushing reduces the amount of bacteria on teeth and the amount of food that the bacteria can use to make decay – we call this plaque or calculus/tartar when it gets hard. Calculus/tartar produces toxins which leads to inflammation of the gums which can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis or gum disease.

Gum disease is where there is loss of bone from around teeth, the gums get very red and inflamed, pockets form alongside the teeth where bone is lost. Teeth with gum disease may have a bad taste or smell, may have pain, may start to move or may be eventually lost because there is no bone to support them

Good cleaning and regular professional cleans leads to healthier gums and reduces the risk of gingivitis and periodontal (gum) disease.

More and more studies are showing links between significant diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia and the presence of gum disease.

Our hygiene team can assist you to regain control of your gum health/dental hygiene with a thorough scale and clean. We also have good relationships with periodontists if we feel that extra assistance is required.

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