Despite our best efforts there are times when it is impossible to keep teeth. When this arises, there is no option but to extract the teeth. This may be because of failure of previous treatment, infection due to abscesses or gum disease or removal of poorly positioned and vulnerable wisdom teeth.

Our team has a lot of experience in this field which ensure that the procedure can be carried out with minimal trauma to the patient. This involves careful preoperative assessment and discussion with the patient and suitable post-operative care.

Many people find the idea of extractions quite confronting especially more complex extractions such as wisdom teeth. To this end we offer a range of sedation techniques from laughing gas through to oral sedation or anaesthetist assisted intra venous sedation.

If the solution is to have a general anaesthetic, then we would be happy to refer you to a specialist oral surgeon who will be able to carry out the procedure in hospital.

Please feel free to discuss your options with our staff.

A Patient Getting Tooth Extraction in Adelaide

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