We believe that dental prevention is one of the most important aspects of dentistry. Here at Adelaide Dentalcare, we take your mouths hygiene and oral health extremely seriously. We believe that prevention and treatment plans outweigh cure, and our team are passionate in helping our clients to have the perfect smile, optimal oral health and their teeth for life.

We offer a range of different preventative dental services to ensure we stop decay and other issues before they turn into more serious problems. Our dentists and hygienists are here to help you with all dental check-up and cleans to help protect your teeth and overall health.

We recommend that your teeth are checked and cleaned every six months. By seeing us regularly it means that we can detect any small issues, allowing us to address them before they become bigger and more expensive issues. We do thorough checks which can include taking dental x-ray films to ensure preventative care and any underlying issues can be addressed.

Adelaide DentalCare providing Dental Prevention in Adelaide

Our professional cleans are the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your preventative dental program by reducing numbers of bacteria present on and around your teeth and gums. When bacteria build up, it can form dental plaque and produce toxins and inflammation. At Adelaide Dentalcare we care about your teeth and our dental check-ups are a crucial step in looking for any signs of gingivitis or decay and oral cancers. Part of our services will see our dentist remove built up tartar and plaque and have your teeth polished and cleaned.

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